Anonymous asked Your work is amazing! What is your most used camera and lens?

Hi! Thank you. 5D mk3 and 50mm or 85mm

Allison B. Shot by Erik Danielson

Words of wisdom
Chelsea D. Shot by Erik Danielson. 
Hannah M. Shot by Erik Danielson. 
Hattie Watson was shot by Erik Danielson.

Anonymous asked let me model for you!!!


thelittlestonedfox asked What you do is some of the most amazing work I've ever seen. Thank you for being an inspiration of mine. If you'd ever fancy working together, please don't hesitate to contact me.

thank you. i would love to…

Structure. Shot by Erik Danielson.  

anuglybeauty asked Lovely work! you must go through some expenses shooting on so much film? Don't the clients mind?

Thank you. I dont shoot much film, I just do some post to make them have more of a “film” look. I do enjoy shooting it when I can though. 

Juliana Herz. Shot by Erik Danielson