Grand Tetons shot by Erik Danielson

Anonymous asked balls

do you like them?

Anonymous asked is it frustrating to shoot someone who isnt a very good model or are you good at telling models what to do?

yeah, sometimes it is. alot of times its because they are nervous and feel alot of pressure. just try too get them to relax and have fun. 

Girl in Red. Shot by Erik Danielson. 
La bella vita shot by Erik Danielson.
Hattie Watson shot by Erik Danielson.

chaixandco asked Your work is amazing! :) really nice blog and theme. I'm glad I found your blog. Would it be ok for you if I reblog some of your photos? of course with full credits to you.

Hi thanks! Sure. All my images are credited to me. Some I have posted are inspiration for me. 

Valentines Day. Allison. Shot by Erik Danielson 

samlynndavis asked Maybe a random question, but what height wooden stool would you recommend to be used for posing? I don't trust eyeballing it based on your images, but it looks rather tall. Perhaps 30". Also (I'm asking too many questions now), do you favor a natural-one light setup, or something more involved? I see what looks like one large light source in many of what appear to be studio shots.

I have a few stools I use. Not sure the exact height of them. On is a bit taller than the other. If the model kinda short I’ll have her put one foot on an apple box. I use all kinda light sources. Depends on my mood and the type of shoot I’m doing. Mostly my mood.

Anonymous asked Your work is amazing! What is your most used camera and lens?

Hi! Thank you. 5D mk3 and 50mm or 85mm

Allison B. Shot by Erik Danielson